Microsoft Teams upgrades continue with improvements to the performance framework

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Microsoft Teams, which now reaches 270 million users, is the place to be for the fusion of the office and remote working. It connects all the parts needed to link workforces and cooperate effectively. Collaborating with colleagues outside the company and allowing users the flexibility to work, when and where they need to, this modern workplace brings with it a whole load of new opportunities.

Microsoft’s continuing goal is to make sure that every new Teams update enhances the performance and experience for all users. This latest upgrade to Microsoft Teams unveils additional enhancements, with a huge part assigned to upgrading the core framework.

This upgrade creates a massive benefit to the performance of both Mac and Windows users, especially when they are working together with the app. Some of the improvements to the Teams

The framework includes technical advantages such as JavaScript and rendering the HTML tree faster.

Microsoft conducted a complete assessment of their main user settings from internal audiences to internal and external workloads. The upgraded framework revealed advancements across the board, even for those with bad or poor network conditions and those with low-end devices.

Users can experience a superior, flexible experience from simple daily app exchanges
The most popular activity by a Teams user is to shift between several channels, activity feeds, and chats. Microsoft has improved this shift over the last 2 years so that users can switch between chats 32% faster than before and shift channels 39% faster. This improvement means that users will encounter a smoother experience, keeping them in the flow of their work.

Enhanced meeting experiences due to quicker enrolling and collaboration
Another daily and familiar situation Teams users find themselves in is entering a meeting. Microsoft are proud to announce that they have upgraded the framework to enhance the join time by almost a quarter of the time before and due to this, reactions and responses during these meetings have greatly improved.

These upgrades are just a small portion of Microsoft’s constant and continued focus this year to improve the performance and experience of Microsoft Teams users and will remain motivated to help their users achieve the best for them and their company.


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